Quality food is important to our health, community and planet.

Farmify is creating a much needed solution that brings consumers, restaurants and growers together in a simple digital platform to make it easier to eat well, shop local and contribute to a sustainable world.


Direct sale farms cobble together many tools to manage inventory, accounts, orders, transactions, digital promotion and advertising, and business data resulting in inefficiencies and lost revenue.


Consumers and restaurants are demanding more locally grown food. However, a single, time-saving, digital platform for discovering and direct purchasing doesn’t exist.


There is not a simple, digital sales channel for hobby farmers and gardeners to manage the transaction to sell their product resulting in missed opportunity and food waste.

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Our Vision: Build a Valuable, Connected Experience

With our veteran team of advisors & industry experts, Farmify is uniquely positioned to modernize and synergize direct agriculture commerce across all channels in all local markets.

Optimize Operations

Farmify is a single, simple mobile platform designed to consolidate existing direct sales channels, streamline account & transaction management, and easily organize & track inventory.

Simplify Discovery

Leveraging app-based location services and real time producer updates, Farmify provides the first dynamic, searchable directory of growers and products.

Streamline Sourcing

Businesses can streamline ordering, view fresh sheets across multiple accounts and delivery using real-time product availability and transaction tools.

Synergize markets

Apply tech solutions to local agriculture markets to more efficiently distribute product and increase business efficiencies through improved analytics and reporting.

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